Electric Car Charging ... Simplified

Supply & fitting of reliable electric car home chargers.

Electric Vehicle Charging

The EV chargers we install can operate as a standard home car charger, using power from the grid, or you can use 100% green energy generated from your own home Solar PV system.

Using your own power generation increases the Return On Investment (ROI) for your panels and electric car, And means that you can charge your EV at home for free!

Electric vehicles have large batteries, with the average EV battery coming in at 40kWh.
The standard 3-pin plug will only charge your EV at a maximum rate of 2.7kWh.
With a dedicated electric vehicle charger, you can charge the cars battery at 7kWh, (22kWh for 3-phase properties).

With a higher charge rate, your EV’s battery will not only charge quicker, but the potential cost of doing so could be considerably lower.
Charging the vehicle directly from Solar energy or stored energy in a battery would result in buying no energy from the grid.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get a quote for a new Electric Vehicle Chargers

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In our example, the electric car would cost 14 times 45, which is 630p or £6.30 for a full charge. Bearing in mind that you’ll probably have some charge in the battery when you arrive home each night, you can expect it to cost a little less per day than that.

What our customers have to say....

Mr & Mrs T BH12 ‐ 2.88KW

"Friendly knowledgeable staff - gave me a proper understanding of how solar PV works, and which was the best route for us to go".

Miss B BH21 ‐ 3.92KW

"Friendly knowledgeable staff - gave me a proper understanding of how solar PV works, and which was the best route for us to go".

Mr & Mrs H BH15 ‐ 4KW

"We have been hugely impressed with the Canadian Solar Panels and the Solaredge system and the way John explained all. Very knowledgeable about their products and a very clean and tidy installation. Would not hesitate to recommend to others".

At home has several benefits.
The main one is the cost, as you’re able to choose your own home electricity provider to get the best deal on charging your electric car ‐ usually overnight, as discussed below.
The second best thing is that it’s massively convenient, as you’re usually at home overnight and your car is sat on the driveway, it can be charging up during that time and ready to go in the morning.

It means some electric vehicle drivers may never have to visit a service station of any kind, as the car is always ready to go each morning.
There’s even a government grant to help cover the cost of a dedicated charger at home.

Change is happening, and it’s happening fast! Electric vehicle (EV) sales in the UK are growing exponentially.
All major manufacturers now have very popular electric vehicle offerings, and some are already switching to electric only.
The UK will be banning the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles and hybrids from 2030.
That means your next car is likely to be electric.